The Best Reasons To Switch To Organic Methods To Grow And Maintain A Healthy Lawn

The switch to natural pesticides and fertilizers for your lawn can bring about very good results in the growth of your lawn. It can also help to create a healthier environment, especially for children and pets. Whether you care for your own lawn and yard areas or hire a professional, it pays to look into those who specialize in organic lawn care. Benefits of having an organically grown lawn include:

– Keeping harmful chemicals out of shared waterways and ground water

– Can lessen incidents of illnesses like asthma in children and adults, and prevent skin or breathing problems in animals

– Cost less than synthetically created chemical components including pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers sometimes used on lawns

– Helps maintain a healthier balance in soil to minimize issues like mushrooms and moss

– Organic components won’t burn your lawn or cause bare spots like chemical components can

– Helps to ensure that beneficial nutrients are released into your soil in a slower way, creating a healthier environment for good microbes that work to nourish your lawn

One of the best benefits is that using an organic method to take care of your lawn keeps your lawn just as healthy and green as it would be if you were to use synthetic chemical products.

Methods Used To Care For Organically Grown Lawns

The best ways to care for a lawn that is being grown organically include:

– Using a three or four inch length on mowers used to cut grass. When grass is kept longer, chances for problems like bare spots from too much sun exposure are lessened.

– Watering just once a week if possible and giving it a good soaking at that time. For many lawns, this is all the watering they will need.

– Making sure the mower used is set up to leave the clippings on the lawn. Clippings act as a mulch and decompose, helping lawns to stay healthier. Large clumps should be removed, but most of the clippings can be left intact.

– Use natural compost materials and natural organic fertilizers for that extra support your lawn may need to keep it green and healthy.

By keeping a healthier habitat in our backyards, we can help create a more healthful living space. Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide as they work to naturally give off oxygen, which helps clean and renew the air. If a lawn or yard is kept full of a wide variety of plant life, that helps prevent a wide scale devastation coming from diseases, insects or other pests. It also helps to support the wildlife living in the area.

Is Organic A Good Choice For You?

Weighing all the positive factors of having an organic lawn, including the cost saving benefits of not having to buy synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides, many homeowners come to the conclusion that it pays to at least try going organic when it comes to caring for lawns. Once a lawn is well established, it will normally require a minimum amount of upkeep to keep it green, lush and beautiful. The reward of a healthier environment for everyone makes choosing organic methods of caring for lawns a worthwhile venture. 

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