How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

It’s a common request from homeowners – make my poky bathroom look ten times bigger! But is it actually achievable? Many older homes have small bathrooms, as the trend for building houses in the past emphasises space for an extra room, or a larger master bedroom, over space for the master bathroom. But nowadays people want to be able to really enjoy their bathrooms, and use them as places of relaxation and escape. You can’t do that if your bathroom looks dark, tiny and cramped. Luckily there are ways you can make a small bathroom look bigger without pulling down any walls.

1. Redo the Floor

Changing the floor covering makes a big difference to the sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. Light coloured tiles make the room look bigger, and larger tiles are better when you want to increase the sense of space.

2. Look at the Colour of the Walls

One of the most obvious ways to make any room look larger is to use lighter colours on the walls. A small bathroom painted in deep red or dark grey will always look pokier than one painted bright white, or an off-white shade like cream or taupe. Your room doesn’t have to look boring, however – if you want something a bit different, use a bright turquoise offset with bright white accessories, or add one shocking pink wall and use cream on the other surfaces.

3. Consider the Wall Tiles

When you are using tiles on the walls, shinier tiles reflect more light and can give the illusion of a bigger space. And as with floor tiles, larger tiles make the place look bigger than a lot of smaller tiles. If you want to create focus with tiles, use smaller, brighter tiles in certain places in the room such as behind the shower or above the sink.

4. Shower or Bath?

Shower Cabins work well in small bathrooms as they give you more room to move around and are compact, space-saving features when you buy a small shower cabin. Choose a shower model with frameless doors to open up the space and allow more light to be reflected around the room. If you have a very small bathroom, taking out the bathtub and replacing it with a shower gives you a much bigger space.

5. Get Better Lighting

A simple change in lighting can make a huge difference to how spacious the room seems. One single overhead light doesn’t make the room look bigger, and can be a problem when you want a more muted, relaxing form of lighting the room. Wall lights help to illuminate the entire space, and can be very effective at making the room look larger. Adding better lighting is a quick and easy way to make a bathroom look more attractive and inviting.

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