Best Method for Polishing Marble Worktops

Marble worktops enhance any kitchen or bathroom in which they are a feature, but without regular care and cleaning they can become dull after years of use. So how can you restore the lustrous finish which makes your marble worktops the centre of attention? Here’s a quick DIY guide to polishing marble worktops to maintain them in optimal condition.

First, you’ll need some essential items to polish your marble worktop (or floor) and it’s best to make sure you have all these to hand before starting the polishing process. Many specialists such as marble worktops London firm JR Stone stock the necessary items to get this job done quickly and successfully.

  • Clean sponge and mild, non-abrasive cleaner

  • Variable-speed polisher or grinder (and felt polishing pad)

  • Clean, dry cloth (or brush) to apply the sealant

  • Marble sealant and polishing compound

Polishing and sealing process

1. Thoroughly clean the marble worktop using a mild, non-abrasive marble cleaning solution. Normally you apply this with a cloth or sponge and then wipe off with a clean cloth and allow the marble surface to thoroughly dry before moving onto the next step. If there are any stains on your marble worktop, try removing them with a specialist marble stain remover before polishing.

2. Using the special marble polishing compound, apply a small quantity to the surface, and use the wheel of the polisher to work it into the marble worktop by moving the polishing wheel across the surface in a uniform motion – don’t apply to much pressure; let the polishing compound and buffer do the work. For tricky corners or other sections where the buffer won’t reach – apply the compound and rub with a soft cloth to get the same effect.

3. When you’ve finished polishing the entire surface, remove any polish residue with a soft, dry cloth and then wipe over the entire surface with a clean, damp cloth and leave to dry.

4. The marble worktop should be left for 24 hours to thoroughly dry after polishing. The final step is to apply the marble sealant which will help protect the worktop by providing an impermeable barrier against moisture, oil and other liquids, helping the marble maintain its new lustrous finish. Apply the sealant with a clean, soft cloth or brush and leave to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Your marble worktop is then ready for use. It’s a good idea to reapply a fresh coat of sealant at least once a year, or more frequently if the marble worktop receives heavy use. For the time it takes – it’s well worth it for the added protection against buildup of mould and protection against stains. Your marble will keep its lustrous sheen and elegant appeal for many years to come.

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